Each year, we cultivate 780 ha of vineyard in five different Italian regions in 7 of the country’s most important winemaking areas.

Controlling the whole production process from the vine to the wine cellar, bottle and consumer’s glass, we produce more than 4 million bottles each year, divided into 10 brands to satisfy the needs of all styles of consumption. With the prestigious consultancy of Riccardo Cotarella, we are giving new impetus to these products with the aim of making them even more distinctive

We are proud of the results achieved in recent years. Since 2012, the Gambero Rosso has bestowed the prestigious Tre Bicchieri award on a number of TORRE ROSAZZA wines, which have also received a number of special mentions for their quality/price ratio. In 2015, the Ribolla Gialla received the Corona award from Vinibuoni, the Touring Club Italiano guide to native grape varieties. In 2015, Wine Spectator included one Italian white wine in its prestigious TOP 100 – TORRE ROSAZZA’s Pinot Grigio.

Our Estates

Torre Rosazza

Località Poggiobello, 12 – 33055 Oleis (UD)

Creating wines able to transmit emotions and communicate impressions of the land and the winemaking culture of Friuli. In Torre Rosazza wines, land and tradition are combined with technique and experience. True “craftsmen of taste” in the words of Walter Filiputti, our oenologists give each wine its own distinctive and authentic character.

Borgo Magredo

Via Basaldella, 5 – 33090 TAURIANO DI SPILIMBERGO (PN)

The perfect mix between an age-old winemaking culture and a modern style of drinking: this is the company’s objective, summed up in the design of the bottles. From grapes grown in the Friuli tradition come modern interpretations of the region’s great classics, made with the care and dedication of craftsmen.

Bricco dei Guazzi

Via Vittorio Veneto, 23 – 15030 Olivola AL

The winery is situated at the top of a hill (“bric” in the local dialect), surrounded by thirty hectares of its own vineyards, where the grapes used to make its wines are grown. Against the backdrop of the vineyards, the silhouette of the Monviso mountain stands out on the horizon behind the winery’s symbol, a centuries’ old cedar tree.


Località Poggiobello, 12 – 33044 Oleis di Manzano (Udine)

The Estate is situated at the top of a hill at Poggiobello near Oleis di Manzano in the province of Udine, not far from the ancient Roman city of Cividale, once also the capital of the Lombard kingdom.
The vineyards cover 110 ha of almost totally terraced land spread over two large natural amphitheatres.
The humus-poor, fast-draining Eocene marl and sandstone soils are very special. The climate is also characteristic and excellent for ripening especially white grapes, thanks to the warm breezes from the Adriatic just 30 km away and the Julian Alps that shelter the vineyards from the cold North European winds.


Tenuta Solonio

At the time of the Roman Empire, the Colli Lanuvini hills produced wines to enliven the famous banquets of patrician Rome. And it was in fact the Romans who exported the culture of wine to their colonies, originating all the expressions of winemaking we enjoy today. In this sense, the hills to the south of Rome can rightly be considered the winemaking cradle of the entire Old Continent!


Via Bagnolo, 104 – 47100 Castrocaro Terme (FC)

Gregorina is situated in the municipality of Castrocaro -Terra del Sole in the province of Forlì-Cesena. Terra del Sole is a small town founded in the 16th century by the noble Medici family of Florence as the administrative and legislative seat of their properties in Romagna

Tenuta Sant’Anna

Via Monsignor P.L. Zovatto, 71 – 30020 Loncon di Annone Veneto
Venice, Italy

The Estate was founded in the 1960s in the heart of the Lison Pramaggiore DOC region, where vines have been grown on the clay soils since Roman times and throughout the Middle Ages when these lands provided wine to the Republic of Venice at the height of its splendour.

V8 Vineyards

Via Mons. P.L. Zovatto, 71 – 30020 – Loncon di Annone Veneto (VE)
VAT no. 00117120329

A line of Charmat method sparkling wines to enchant every palate. Prosecco first and foremost, with the fine Cartizze DOCG and refined Valdobbiadene DOCG, then the Millesimati and surprising Cuvées. Modern taste and close ties with local tradition.


As well as its nutritional value, wine also has cultural and symbolic meanings, such as sacrality, joy and sharing. Food therefore for both body and soul, hence the impassioned quest for the best quality.


Wine encapsulates the vocation of the land and the qualities of the men who work it.
Thanks to market growth and the ever higher quality of our wines, the winemaking sector is becoming increasingly important within Genagricola.


The excellent results achieved stem largely from the particular winemaking vocation of the land, the care taken over product development, selection of the best grape varieties, vineyard management, vinification techniques and packaging.

Science and experience go hand in hand, creating genuine masterpieces in some vintages.
When it comes to vines and wine, Genagricola’s choices and activities are guided by respect for tradition and attention to evolution.

Close evaluation of the market enables our range of wines to meet both local and international demand. To facilitate this, we abide by principles which inspire high quality and respect the integrity of the products.

Controlled Designation of Origin wines: Colli Orientali del Friuli, Friuli Grave, Lison Pramaggiore, Sangiovese superiore and riserva dei Colli di Romagna, Monferrato, Castelli Romani.



All directly owned by the company
All cultivated by company employees, headed by a team of agronomists





Obtained from the sale of almost 4 million bottles

  • 95% Mct
  • 30% Estero
  • 70% Italia


1 – Torre Rosazza

2 – Poggiobello

3 – Borgo Magredo

4 – Tenuta Sant’Anna

4 – V8+

5 – Valpolicella

7 – Bricco Dei Guazzi

8 – Gregorina

9 – Solonio

10 – Dorvena