The Genagricola Method

It’s not just what you do, but how you do it.

The new corporate leadership of Generali has brought a new sensitivity and renewed participation. Genagricola has found itself to be Italy’s largest agricultural company, rediscovering an authentic treasure house of history, skills, business spirit and responsibility which during the recent past had never emerged. A company rightly proud of its past and eager to repeat its historic achievements in the future. In a certain sense, this is the start of a genuine revolution which intends to take Genagricola (and Italian agriculture as a whole) into the third millennium, assuming the responsibilities deriving from a position of leadership of which Genagricola was previously oblivious, but which it has now decided to shoulder. From exemplary historical model to development model for the future.

This has led to launch of a series of projects centred on what we like to define as the “Genagricola model” founded on the pillars of
Sustainability, Safety and Social Responsibility.

And through these principles, we want to give farming a new identity.