Genagricola and Social Responsibility

The second of the concepts guiding our activities is attention to Social Responsibility. For us, this is both ancient history and at the same time topical. It was a rule when, going back to our roots, Ca’ Corniani was plucked from the brackish waters of an insalubrious marsh, providing work, a roof and education for more than 3000 local inhabitants, without forgetting advancement of the adults, who could attend the company cinema and recreation centre.

Today our attention to these aspects sees us involved as partner and collaborator in a number of activities. For example, we have signed an agreement with the San Patrignano recovery community to give work on our farms to a number of young people at the end of their rehabilitation. Since 2015, some 10 or so young people have already been employed as part of this collaboration.

But social responsibility goes much further and involves our entire community.


We therefore want to heighten the awareness of our customers and consumers in general, in the conviction that awareness is a value for everybody and that it will reward virtuous behaviours. We have therefore introduced a number of communications and training tools to help inform and educate all those who come into contact with us, whether by visiting our Facebook page or website, or browsing through our product catalogues.


Finally, we want to promote a greater awareness of the primary sector, our core business, in the conviction that it is, indeed, primary for peoples’ well-being. The central position historically occupied by farming, responsible for shaping society and moulding villages, squares, towns and communities, has been lost through industrialisation and the mechanisation of farming. The time has come to give new value and new purpose to this part of our lives, opening up farms and rendering them accessible to as wide a public as possible, making them more aware of their origins and their story. It is for farming that villages, squares, markets – and perhaps the economy itself – were born.

“Opening up” our farms

With the same objective of heightening awareness and knowledge of our world among consumers, we also want to “open up” our farms, transforming them into a meeting place and giving them back to the local communities who are too often unaware they even exist.

We want to give farming back its central role in peoples’ lives, yet another ambitious project, but a challenge we are ready to take on and a process we have already embarked on.


A number of our farms in Veneto will become “multi-functional”. At the previously mentioned Ca’ Corniani, there will be not just pollinator strips, but also some 20 kilometres of cycle paths and open spaces for socialising and playing.


At Cesarolo, another of our farms will be open to schoolchildren and students to demonstrate all the potentials of agriculture in a single visit, from cultivation of the fields to livestock farming, artisan cheese production and, finally, the recovery of farm waste products to produce energy.