The concept of sustainability is one of the founding values of Genagricola’s activities. In the widest sense, this concept covers all activities aimed at preserving and guaranteeing the stability of our ecosystem, from an environmental, but also socio-economic, point of view.

Objectives and values

Our most significant area of action is obviously the environment. Given that we manage such large areas, optimising certain practices and processes is of fundamental importance to us. This is why we decided to adopt the agriculture 2.0 philosophy, involving constant and systematic monitoring of the vegetative state of our crops, with almost “clod by clod” targeted intervention to improve their performance and reduce the use of water, pesticides, fertilisers and labour. It is therefore a common sight to see drones flying over our farms, monitoring these aspects from above, then communicating them to our farm machinery which moves almost “independently”, guided by a GPS system and calibrating the interventions according to the actual needs of the crops.

However, sustainability also means hydrogeological protection of the land and this is the art of which we are perhaps most aware. This aspect of our farms and the surroundings areas is constantly monitored, in our own interest of course, but also in the interests of neighbouring communities.

Precision farming

According to the traditional way of thinking, managing 13,000 hectares of arable land would mean adopting intensive farming practices, guaranteeing a certain productivity at any cost.
As is always the case, technology gives us new opportunities and answers and Genagricola has chosen to go down the road of precision agriculture.


Our land and our crops are monitored inch by inch through aerial photography by drones


The vegetative state of the plants, soil deficiencies and water requirements are monitored


Then thanks to agricultural machinery controlled by GPS systems and highly specialised software, each single clod of earth gets exactly the nutrients it needs.


An ambitious and costly project

which over time will allow us to save on raw materials, but above all to drastically reduce use of fertilisers and pesticides on our crops, and therefore in the environment, to the minimum strictly necessary.


But sustainability also means preserving biodiversity and we are working on this front as well

Pollinator strips

On some of our farms, we have decided to set aside certain areas to create “pollinator strips”. We will be sacrificing part of the workable land (from 5% to 10% of the total surface area) to create genuine oases for bees. These indispensable pollinator insects will have strips of land cultivated with wild flowers and plants as if they were genuine specifically dedicated nature reserves.

Native grape varieties

As a result of our attention to biodiversity, we are actively working to promote a number of native plants by investing in several autochthonous grape varieties, whose flavours are the perfect expression of the Italian culture and tradition they represent. We are therefore the main producers of a number of typically Italian grape varieties, such as Ribolla Gialla, Picolit and Albarossa and we are also investing in preserving others in Italy and Romania.